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2 years ago I had an episode with my lower back which basically immobilized me for a couple of months and after an MRI was told that while I would probably recover I should expect never to ski, ride horses or bike again.   I wasn’t ready to give up on life and when I started PT I realized that many of the exercises were similar to Pilates so I looked around and found Edie’s studio.    Thanks to Edie I not only got rid of my back pain, greatly improved my balance and coordination but also am now able to do those pursuits I love – up in the Colorado Rockies after a year enjoying skiing again, biking in the mountains all last summer – thanks Edie.  I couldn’t have done it without you!   You are a great instructor who focuses on the individual and their needs.   And the bonus is that the classes are very enjoyable.   Pilates changed my life …... for the positive.  - Anne

“Since I started Pilates with Edie 8 years ago my body has been totally transformed.  I believe that Pilates helps keep the body in a more youthful condition.  It has helped me avoid many of the middle age body changes that women go though in their 40's and 50's.  I will practice Pilates for the rest of my life.” - Lynn

“REAL MEN DO PILATES  and they also EAT QUICHE!! So much for those MYTHS!  Seriously  Pilates has increased my strength and flexibility and improved my posture. Edie is an excellent instructor who knows her subject as well as she knows her individual clients. You work according to your own ability without any pressure or competitiveness. Pilates is a great investment!” -John

“The benefits I have received from taking Pilates at The Pilates Center have not only been physical, but emotional too. I am more centered,  have better posture, a stronger core and most importantly, it has given me the ability to run again after a previous injury. My arms have never been this defined or toned and I used to lift weights before.”  –Erika

“I suffered from a chronic sore back for 20 years.  Then my wife signed me up at the Pilates Center, and my back spasms and soreness went away.   If you want to live pain free, take Pilates at the Pilates Center.”  James 

“I have been training for triathlon races and in a short period of time I feel that Pilates has helped me build strength without bulking up.

I enjoy the way Pilates gets your mind in tune with your body. Its a great way to stay in shape. - sharon

“I’ve been taking Pilates from Edie for over 7 years and it’s been on of the best decisions I made to enhance my exercise routine.  Pilates tones, strengthens and elongates all my muscles.  No matter what kind of day I’ve had I always feel great after class.  Phyllis Hromalik

You are the best! I've been to many pilates and exercise classes over the years and would recommend yours to anyone. You are skilled, patient, knowledgeable and keep the class fun , safe and challenging. Thanks, Roxanne

“Edie is a great instructor -  her classes are challenging and designed for all levels.  Pilates is a great addition to any workout regime.” –Lisa

" Pilates with Edie Backman has been life changing for me... I 
suffered for more than 10 years from debilating back pain, I tried 
chiropractic care, yoga, accupucture, visits to back surgeons, 
numerous physical therapy sessions. Finally after my last round of 
physical therapy, the director of the facility recommended taking 
Pilates classes so that the core strength I had developed would 
continue. This was the best advice I had received from any medical 
professional, my chronic pain no longer exists, thank you Edie for 
your expert instruction!!!  -April



“I started taking Pilates about two years ago as a way to get stronger: both physically and mentally. I was going through a divorce when I met Edie and her classes got me focused on the good rather than the bad at a time when I needed it most. She is an incredible teacher and person. Her studio is one of my favorite places to be.”




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